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420 Bait Co. provides a unique culture and lifestyle for our anglers. Enjoy our hand crafted USA made baits while catching the biggest fish in the water. Our secret scent combined with our traditional design attracts all species and motivates big bites.

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420 Bait Co. Logo

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Fishing Float
Fishing Float

      In the world of bass fishing, there's a phenomenon that many might not be aware of – a significant number of anglers incorporating cannabis into their fishing routine. Despite the historical stigma surrounding cannabis consumption, a growing community of bass anglers is challenging stereotypes and discovering unexpected benefits.

       While society has often painted cannabis users in a negative light, these anglers argue that it can enhance their fishing experience. Some claim that cannabis helps them relax, focus, and connect with nature on a deeper level – elements crucial for a successful day on the water.

         Beyond personal anecdotes, there's an emerging body of evidence suggesting that cannabis may have unexpected advantages in the realm of bass fishing. Research indicates that certain cannabinoids present in cannabis can potentially attract fish, making them more responsive to bait. The heightened sensory perception experienced by anglers under the influence may contribute to improved catch rates.

         It's essential to acknowledge the legal and ethical considerations surrounding cannabis use. In many places, cannabis remains illegal or tightly regulated, and its consumption may have legal consequences. Anglers must prioritize responsible and legal usage, considering both their safety and adherence to local laws.

         As the bass fishing community navigates these uncharted waters, open conversations about cannabis use and its potential benefits are gaining traction. Anglers are challenging preconceived notions and advocating for a more nuanced understanding of cannabis within the fishing culture.

       The intersection of cannabis use and bass fishing is a topic that defies stereotypes and sparks intriguing discussions. As anglers continue to share their experiences and the scientific community explores potential advantages, it's clear that the relationship between cannabis and bass fishing is more complex than meets the eye. Whether you agree or disagree, one thing is certain – this conversation is casting a new light on an age-old pastime.

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